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When you bring your machinery and equipment to be sold at Tuuri Machinery Auction, you will be able to convert the items into money easily. Our extensive marketing, as well as the great awareness of the auction, will attract bidders from all over Finland and abroad. The location of Tuuri is also excellent, due to its familiarity and good placement.

Tuuri can be easily reached from anywhere in Finland.


Delivering auction items to the auction location  

Contact Veijo Leino: + 358 (0) 400 172563 and agree upon a delivery day.

Goods reception is open between 9am and 5pm. Contact Veijo, concerning the delivery of goods at other times

Items on pallets must be firmly attached, so they remain in better condition when they are moved. The seller ID must be prominently displayed on each item for sale, for example, on the pallet. Items that are sensitive to the rain should be covered with, for example, transparent plastic. All questions concerning deliveries should be directed towards Veijo +358 (0) 400 172563 veijo.leino(at)

The items for auction should be delivered in good time, thus there will be less backlog and you will not have to wait for the unloading service

The deadlines for the delivery of items are:

- Items for auction on the field at the latest five (5) days before the auction
- Driving items at the latest the Thursday preceding the auction

Images of items for auction

Items that are delivered in good time will be photographed and the product images will be added to the website of Tuuri Machinery Auction. This will increase the attractiveness of your items to Online-auction customers, as well as attract interested customers to the location in person.