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General auction terms and conditions

  1. A participant in the auction must register as a bidder and sign an auction agreement. Furthermore, the finnish bidder must also pay a deposit of five hundred euros (€ 500), upon which the bidder will receive an individual auction catalogue. When registering, proof of identification must be displayed. Deposit will be refunded in full or credited towards a future successful bid. Foreing bidders must pay a deposit of two thousand (2000€), which will be refunded when we get copies of transportation and customs documents.
  2. Advance bids may be submitted through the Online-system, as soon as the buyer has paid their deposit. Upon paying the deposit, the bidder may also participate in the auction in real-time via the Online-auction service. All bids made through the Internet will be subject to an additional 2.5% (VAT 0%) commission, as well as, depending on the product, VAT at 24%.
  3. The auction will proceed in the order as listed in the auction catalogue. Bids will be won by the highest bidder, along with an additional VAT of 24%. Bids will not be subject to an additional VAT, if the item in question is listed as marginal tax in the auction catalogue.
  4. When the auctioneer announces a so-called ”selection auction”, (several similar products are sold), the highest bidder has the right to choose how many bids they would like to buy. The total price is then determined as follows: HIGHEST BID  x  NUMBER OF BIDS
  5. Purchases of up to one thousand euros (€ 1,000) must be paid for at the end of the auction. For bids in excess of this, a down payment of, at least, 30% of the total purchase price will be payable, with the remaining purchase price to be paid within three (3) business days. Auctioned items will only be released once they have been paid for in full. Accepted means of payment: cash,debit card and online-banking.
  6. The auction does not have any minimum bids. So-called “shilling” is not allowed. (That is, a seller bids on their own product)
  7. The products are sold in the condition that are at the time of the bidding closing, and the full responsibility for the items immediately transfers to the highest bidder.
  8. The auctioneer is not responsible for any typographical errors in the auction catalogue or in the event that the auctioneer has been given incorrect information.
  9. The auctioneer is not responsible for absences concerning an item’s occupational safety e.g. CE markings, owner's manual, etc.
  10. Products can be inspected on the day before the auction 9am-8pm
  11. Smaller items are sold on an outdoor field area and larger items are driven in front of the auction-arena.
  12. Auctioned items may not be moved from the auction location before they have been paid for in full and the auction day is over. Auctioned items are only released upon a proof of payment.
  13. The buyer is responsible for moving the auctioned item away. All auctioned items must be removed within seven days (7 days) from the auction. The auctioneer has the right to charge land rent for any excess time required and, in so far as the auctioned item is not removed within 30 days, the ownership rights will be transferred to the auctioneer.